Ông Nguyễn Kim Anh

SpecialityGiám đốc khối công nghệ Trợ lý ảo VinBigData

Mr. Nguyen Kim Anh

Director of Virtual Assistant Technology Division


Joining VinBigData in 2019, Mr. Nguyen Kim Anh currently holds the Director of Virtual Assistant Technology Division position. He has led the team to develop many advanced AI solutions and products, such as ViVi Virtual Assistant, VinBase Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Platform.

Having obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Stuttgart, Germany, Mr. Nguyen Kim Anh received the Best Scientific Paper award at ACL 2016 and Best Research at the IBM machine learning conference 2018. With professional knowledge and practical experience, he used to undertake important positions at Amazon, Cambridge, UK. Returning to Vietnam, Mr. Kim Anh nurtured the idea of ​​a multi-cognitive artificial intelligence platform or a comprehensive virtual assistant, standing shoulder to shoulder with technology giants worldwide.

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