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Phung Viet THANG

Sales Director of Public Sector and Enterprises

A member of Management Board  

(Giám đốc Kinh doanh, Khối khu vực công và Doanh nghiệp 

Thành viên Ban lãnh đạo Microsoft Việt Nam)

Phung Viet Thang has joined Microsoft Vietnam for two years. He is Sales Director of Public Sector and Enterprises, and a member of the Management Board. Under this position, Thang drives the Microsoft Vietnam’s public sector and enterprise strategies, sets the development journey for the whole sales team, and develops high-level relationships with the local government and authorities. 

Prior to Microsoft Vietnam, Thang worked for one of the biggest Vietnamese IT companies, FPT Information System in 8 years as Executive Vice President. His responsibilities were not only local but global business development and strategies. 

Before FPT Information System, Thang also worked for many international IT giants, namely Autodesk as Country Manager, Oracle Vietnam as Senior Sales Manager and Intel Vietnam as Channel Account Manager, in charge of Indochina market. 

Thang started his career nearly 30 years ago as technician, system engineer and software lecturer. He has tremendously experienced different leadership roles in not only technology but business strategies, especially on enterprise automation and digital transformation.  

He graduated from the Hanoi University of Science and Technology in 1991. He holds mini-MBA degree of FPT School of Business. He is currently conducting his Master of Science in the Science and Technology Management of Vietnam National University, Hanoi. 

Thang married with three kids and based in Hanoi. 

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