Mr. Nguyen Phu Cuong

SpecialityCố vấn Marketing Biti’s, kiêm Nhà sáng lập C+P Consulting Asia

With nearly a decade of experience cultivating in both agency and client sides, ranged from MNCs like Samsung Vina Electronics (Digital Appliances Category) and Suntory PepsiCo(Carbonated Soft drinks and Packaged Water category) to Local Corporate as Biti’s (Fashion Retail & Tourism Real Estate), Phu Cuong have self-defined and been recognized as a Growth-oriented, Impact-driven & Innovation-led marketer

In Samsung Vina Electronics, in the early stages of competing with dominant reputed Japan-originated Brands, Cuong and team refreshed and stunted the Category with [This Is Living Campaign], achieving Bronze prize of AMES 2015 – the prestigious Asia Marketing Effectiveness award, to pioneer in winning Young consumer segments by promoting “inspirational & lifestyle” values. Such strong differentiation in approach versus category’s norms of “rational” and “feature-driven” way did return in great numbers of +46% growth in revenue and +10% gain in market share.

At Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam, Cuong continued to gain trust to take responsibility in leading “transformation-led” projects of Mirinda and Aquafina brands.  For Mirinda, by leading [Product formula change] and [Brand Repositioning Build & Implement], Cuong and team set a solid foundation for Band to achieve outstanding results of +34% revenue growth and +2% market share gain. For Aquafina – no.1 Packaged Water brand, Cuong led [Brand Visual Identity System Transfromation] project, a disruptive movement after more than a decade of sticking to the traditional and outdated brand visual elements.   

Contributing throughout Biti’s 5-year transformation journey, especially with Marketing Director position since 2018, overseeing Biti’s Marketing agenda mixture of holistic strategic approach and hands on implementation, varied from Product Innovation, Brand Developing & Building, Re-positioning to Retail and Digital transformation, Phu Cuong together with team did not only achieve a phenomenal 2018 of tripling business value, make Biti’s Hunter become a 50-million-USD-annual-revenue Brand after only 3 years since establishment, but also be praised as the most award-winning local brand with 20+ prestigious Marketing & Advertising Awards in Vietnam – APAC – Global scale (such as PR Asia Awards, Tangrams Effectiveness, MMA The Smarties, Youtube Ads Leaderboard, Youtube Works, Caples, The One Show …)

Currently, besides Marketing Advisor role at Biti’s, Cuong is the CEO & Founder of C+P Consulting Asia, a Strategic Partner dedicated to co-building solid and sustainable foundation as well as impactful achievements in both short and long term for Vietnam Businesses, via Market Strategy – Marketing Strategy – Brand Strategy with Implementation Cooperation Solution, to bridge the gap between theory and practical deployment. 

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